Question: Will You Spend All Your Money On A Woman ?

Spending money on a woman
Spending money on a woman

Will a woman that loves you make you spend so much on her?. These and many more are the questions in the minds of most men in relationships.

A young man has stated boldly that, men should avoid thinking that all women are out there for the money.

@Adet0na is his twitter handle and he shared a tweet concerning the subject.

He Said, a lady who genuinely loves her man won’t saddle him with unnecessary financial responsibilities.

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He added that a lady who is all about money in the relationship does not love the man.

His advice to men is to find women who are interested in money and stop complaining about being broken-hearted.

Read his Tweet;

“What I know is, women that like you genuinely won’t bill you unnecessarily, I can’t overstretch this.

Niggas would date obvious gold diggers and be complaining about them not actually liking them in the long run, what did you expect g?

Same way when if you like a babe you won’t mind spending on her.”

See the reactions that greeted his controversial post;

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I agree with this 100% . Your mouth even gets heavy to ask. Is just natural .

Is only those hungry lions that don’t like you that will bill you

Some of us don’t even know how to ask at all lol. Just carry your Wahala and go..

As you no like the person wey you like no go like you too

We know. And they are the type we spend heavily on eventually

Honestly sha, if a woman loves you, she’ll be eating your money with sense and even want to help you invest or save.

How much was your PHCN bill last month. It’s like you people don’t have issues in this country apart from relationships

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