Real Madrid’s All – time Leading Goal Scorers.(Records)


Real Madrid is a Premier league football club located in Spain,Madrid.

Great footballers have passed through and offered great skills to this club which makes them outstanding amongst other rival clubs in the arena of soccer.

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The records taken below shows 10 Real Madrid current and former players with the most goals in their credit.

1.Christian Ronaldo.(2009-2018) 450 goals.

2.Raul.(1994-2010) 323 goals.

3.Alfredo do Stefano.(1953-1964) 308 goals.

4. Santiliana (1971- 1988) 290 goals.

5.Karim Benzema.(2009-      ) 261 goals

6.Ferenc Puskas(1958-1966) 242 goals.

7.Hugo Sanchez (1985-1992) 208 goals

8.Francisco Gento (1952-1970) 180 goals

9.Pirri (1964-1979) 172 goals.

10. Emilio Butragueno (1983-1995 ) 171 goal.

This information produced is derived from the Real Madrid’s blog post and can be reliable.

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