Reasons why Ghana has been blacklisted on PayPal


For many years now, i believe more than half of Ghana’s population do not know of PayPal. The rest of the population having knowledge about it too keep asking themselves the ultimate questions of all. Why is Ghana not on PayPal?

Back to the main question. Why is Ghana not on PayPal?

Its simple. Credit Card Fraud !!!

Apparently, in the early 2000’s in most West African countries including Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal when the internet cafe was a new phenomenon, many youngsters spent most of their time at the cyber cafe surfing the internet.

There was however a worrying trend that began to take wave in most of these internet cafes. The young men found darknet websites that gave them unlimited access to credit and mastercard details of people in Europe and America.

They used this details to shop for clothing , gadgets from ecommerce websites like Ebay and Amazon. When shipping of the goods were not allowed directly to Africa the fraudsters would use their family and friends abroad as middle men / passage routes to receive the products and further ship it to them in Ghana and their respectivecountries.

Somewhere around 2004 after thousands of legitimate users of Paypal , amazon and ebay complained about unusual purchases and huge sums of money were getting lost in their accounts. These technology giants decided it was time to curb this fraudulent activity of credit card fraud.


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