Revealed: Why Fella Makafui Copies Sister Derby’s Fashion Style And Other Secrets You Should Know


There have been back and forth between Fella Makafui the wife of HipLife star Medikal and Sister Derby the ex-lover of the same rapper over the former copying her fashion sense.

Fella Makafui reveals she no more goes to church and the reason behind it.

The issue had its genesis when the Sister Derby’s elder brother and musician WanLov Kubolo said in an interview that Fella Frimpong Makafui is copying her younger sister(sister derby’s) fashion style.

The funny and self-styled musician Wanlov alleged that Fella was soo successful in copying her younger sister to extent of snatching her former-Lover.

Well-Known entertainment critic First Lady has unravelled the true reason behind Fella Makafui copying sister-derby’s style.

First Lady reveals that the rapper is still in love with Sister Derby and Fella Wanting to maintain her relationship with the rapper has to copy sister-derby’s style to keep the rapper to herself.

Fella thinks copying the fashion style of Wanlov sister would help keep her relationship with the rapper still going but it appears all would soon end.

Some serious allegations were given to the reason why fella and medikal would be breaking up.

Watch the Video Below For All The Gist:

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