Rise of COVID-19 cases may force the President to close down schools – MOH


By now its very clear that the President might be forced to close down schools as positive cases of COVID-19 keep rising on a daily basis.

It will be recalled that over the weekend the number of COVID-19 cases from students at the Akosombo International School had risen from 37, to 79 according to reliable sources.

In other schools and colleges, the cases are rising by the day and it is expected that this would give the President no other choice but to shut them down before it gets out of control.

News monitored for a local station, KasapaFM reported that the number had shot up to 74 students in addition to 5 staff members.

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Dr. Hilda Ampadu, Executive Director of the National Schools Inspectorate Authority, who revealed this in an interview on the ‘Probe’ show said the Ghana Health Service (GHS), the Regional Health Directorate, and the Municipal Health Directorate are all on top of the situation and are working effectively with the COVID-19 leadership team of the school.

According to her, the infected students are in stable condition and the Ghana Health Service is taking care of them.

But according to the latest update from the Ghana Health Service, 15 more people have succumbed to COVID-19, sending Ghana’s death toll to 464.

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