Sad End: Nigerian Man Starts Supermarket Business For Girlfriend And She Dumps Him And Marries Customer

Sad End: Nigerian Man Starts Supermarket Business For Girlfriend And She Dumps Him And Marries Customer

There is no magic to read the minds of our partners. A Nigerian man has shared his sad story on social media after his girlfriend whom he started a business for left him to marry a customer from her business.

The man narrated how kind-hearted and caring he was after the girlfriend’s parents passed on leaving her with her four siblings to fend for themselves.

The man enrolled the girl’s siblings in school and started a business for the lady in the city.

In his narration, he said she refused to further her education stating that she wanted to start a business so she could help in training her younger ones which he agreed to and raised money for her.

The woman who after a few years made success in her business sent him an invitation to her wedding with another man.

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The shocking part of the matter is when she added the man she was to marry was a customer from her shop he paid for.

Read his story below;

I met Amaka when she was in the village and she was still in SS3, so we started dating with the hope after her graduation from higher institutions we will get married as husband and wife.

Something happened Two years after we had started dating, though my relationship with her was waxing strong then, She lost her parents to fire outbreak and Amaka is the first child of her parents, with four other siblings.

Months after the death of their parent they stopped going to school due to there was no money to sponsor their education, they started farming in the village and people were paying them for the labour.

As a man have the intention of marrying from the family and Amaka to be precise, i decided to carry them along to stay with me in township, i enrolled her siblings in school even i wanted her to further her education but she refused with a reason that she wouldn’t like me to be the only one carrying the problems of her family. She suggested to start up a business for her which i later greed and i raised some money and give to her to start the business.

Three years later she suggested we should rent an apartment for her siblings so we would be comfortable and it will give chance for us to plan for our future and marriage together, which i agreed.

After sometime, i noticed some changes in her character which didn’t suit well with me but whenever i confront her she will deny. It happened one day that she called me and told me that she is no longer interested in our relationship that she has found another man who is capable of taking good care of her and equally told me that their marriage date has be slated already. Who is the man she was talking about, one of her major customers, i have met the man several times in the shop, though he used to buy lots of good which i used to help and arranged some of the goods for him. But anytime i request to know more about the man due to the way he used to spend time in the shop and the manner they used to play, she will tell me that they are discussing about business after he is a customer.

This morning she just sent me text messages and her wedding invitation card that they are getting married next month. I went to the shop, she instructed the workers never to allow me in. I’m totally confused right now. Is this for real or am i dreaming?

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