Scientists pleads with Government to reconsider covid-19 penalty


President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in his recent address to the nation on covid-19 on Sunday 17th January says he has ordered the Inspector General of Police, Mr. James Oppong Boanuh, to strictly enforce the mandatory wearing of nose masks as the nation continues to fight with the Coronavirus pandemic.

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The president jogs the memory of all Ghanaians that Should anyone be arrested by the security agencies disregarding this directive, that person will be dealt with strictly in accordance with the law of the land.

However, The Ghana Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists has pleaded with the government to reconsider the penalty given out to people who defy the COVID-19 rules. Apparently, the Association thinks the punishment is extreme and the people who defy the rules may not be able to pay and may end up in prison which in the end will make our prisons overcrowded and hence aid in the spread of covid-19

Speaking on OKAY FM’S Ade Akye Abia program, the PRO for the Ghana Association of Medical Laboratory Scientist Dr. Dennis Adu-Gyasi stated that, “there is the possibility that those who will flout COVID-19 protocols may not be able to pay for the fine and may end in prison.

When this should continue for a period of time, you will have the prisons congested, so we are pleading with the government to reconsider the punishment for COVID-19 protocols flouters”.

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