See The List Of People Nana Agradaa Allegedly Duped


Repented Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng AKA Nana Agradaa before she gave her life to christ allegedly duped alot of people.

A list of names has popped claiming to be the victims of the former priestess.

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Nana Agradaa use to fraud people under pretence of doubling their money.

Unsuspecting victims will sell their belongings expecting to be rich overnight.

The however realized after a while they have been defrauded.

She was able to get a lot of people because of her advertisment on Tv stations on the digital space.

A tall list of people and the amount of money the self acclaimed evangelist took from them have dropped few days after she took Jesus Christ as her lord and personal saviour.

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The big question here is that will these people get their monies back? if yes who will do the payment.


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