See What Happened To This Lady After She Gave A Man Directions


There is a high level of insecurity in Nigerian currently following rampant killings and Kidnappings.

An embattled lady gives thanks for her life after she had an estranged encounter.

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Sharing her story on Twitter, Olaweseun said she found herself in a man’s house after she lost her senses.

This happened only after giving directions to the unknown man.

The man after he had succeeded in spiritually controlling Olaweseun asked her to go home and collect all her mum’s jewelry for him.

The lady however got her senses back when she was in the process of carrying out his commands.

Here’s what she tweeted;

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“This reminds me of the day a stranger asked me for direction & the minute I spoke to him, I lost my senses. I found myself in his house and he asked me to go home to bring back my mum’s jewelry box. I regained sanity on my way home. What if he killed me there? May God save us”.

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