Sex Addict: How A 24yr Old Slept With All Class Mates


A nymphomaniac and a long term tertiary student in the Eastern territorial capital, Koforidua has uncovered how awful she is commited to sex and can’t live a day without it.

Gifty unveiled her quandary during a phone interview on live radio.

“I don’t have a clue how it occurred, yet I think everything began after my ex who broke my virginity. Prior to that, I had a solid fear of sex. After that episode, I began having bizarre affections for sex which I thought was ordinary. We could engage in sexual relations like 4 times each day until the lamentable occurred and we separated.

Indeed, even in school, I have laid down with practically all the male students in my group and a portion of my teachers. To be honest speaking, I don’t have a clue how it generally occurs. I feel for sex with minimal touch by a person. Also, this has by implication attracted me into engaging in sexual relations with various folks”.


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Addressing whether these folks utilize a condom, the (24) year old uncovered that, they do. As per Gifty, notwithstanding her distraught long for sex each day with various men, she guarantees these men put on condoms to keep her from pulling in destructive sicknesses.

“I for one get a few and keep it so that on the off chance that they don’t have one, I give them some to utilize. I realize how awful my condition is, so I ensure I generally have condoms to secure myself. The intriguing part is, I in some cases pay these folks for the sex.

I realize my condition is uncertain and I have been counseled by numerous ministers. They exhorted me and made an honest effort with the goal that these abnormal sensations of mine will stop yet to no avail.

Most specialists when counseled attempt to exploit me since they realize how frail I am. What’s more, thus, I have laid down with the majority of them” she uncovered.

In assistance Gifty who trusts her dependence on sex doesn’t influence her learning in school.

“I am not canny, what others allude to as ‘sharks ‘. I consider myself to be a decent student. I’m acceptable at all that I do as far as sharks.

Gifty would not like to unveil the names of a portion of these specialists when found out if her folks know? She said her folks don’t know since, supposing that she discloses to them they will see her bad and furthermore demonize her which will make her harm herself yet her terrible feelings is destroying her.

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