Shocking!!! Girl Moves Out Of Her House To Join Boyfriend At Cemetery


In today’s world, if you are a man and don’t have some level of success am quite sure 90% of Ghanaian women would not like to be close to you.

A vibrant young lady only identified as Abena has shown that some women would just love you for who you are, not for what you have, as she has moved out of her comfortable home to join her lover at the cemetery.

In an interview with EyeGhana and monitored by the young lady disclosed that she was staying with her mum at Ablekuma and hardly visited her lover Michael who is comfortable living with the dead.

Driver arrested for selling weed at a cemetery

She disclosed that at the beginning of her visits to Michael she had some fear, but now she has accustomed herself to the environment around the dead zone.

Abena added that her lover managed to convince her to stay with him when he said she would one day be buried at a cemetery so there is no need to fear now.

Giving her reason for choosing to stay at the cemetery with her lover, Abena replied saying she is madly in love with Michael and everything else would sort itself out.


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