Shocking: Pastor Rapes 5 year Old Girl Days To His Own Wedding


It’s a no-no to awaken with no new story. has run over another tragic and stunning story that may slow your day.

The story we’ve chanced on is about a well known Nigerian Pastor recognized as George Amaechi Okeaghalam. As indicated by the story, the minister has now ended up in the grasps of the police in the wake of polluting a 5-year-old-young lady.

Minister George supposedly defiled the youngster (name retained) only a couple of days before his white wedding. This occurrence is said to have occurred at Umuguma town, Owerri.

By reports, the young lady went to the Pastor’s home to play with certain companions yet sadly, her companions didn’t appear. She was then asked by the minister into his room and was debased.

After the minister’s insidious activity, he took steps to murder the 5-year-old young lady in the event that she reports the occurrence to anybody.

A greeting card which shows that the minister was planning to get hitched this Saturday. 12 December 2020 at Heaven Power Believers Solution Ministry in Owerri sprung up on the web since his picture circulated around the web.

Sweet Mothers Foundation, an NGO that revealed the pitiful episode to the police gave their record.

“The suburb in the town of Umuguma, Owerri has been tossed into dread of the security of their recreational kids as a 5-year-old youngster has been defiled by a supposed Pastor, neighbor, and associate of the young lady’s folks.

The casualty’s mom recounted how she returned and met an upset and grouchy young lady with a stride that recommended she has been hurt. Out of intuitive wire, she went after her skirt and looked at a blood-smudged pant.

After influence and her #1 treat, her girl unveiled how she went looking for her close friend and chose to fill in her play meeting with sandcastle when she didn’t meet her close friend.

As per her, Uncle requested that she follow him to his home and asked her to expose on the latrine tiles where he “planned something for her”, took steps to murder her and remove her from her mum in the event that she says a thing.

Since Tuesday, the little girl’s mother has been sad, confused, and shocked. She only spoke to a few women in low tones. As fear-gripped as she is, the other women held only subtle powwows in order not to invite “trouble” or “touch the anointed” as the accused person is a pastor, a holy cankerworm accorded all the morally right and decent-filled respect

It was not until the murmurs got to the mother’s sibling the previous evening that they coordinated to the congregation working of Pastor George, 49. He denied knowing the person in question however when it turned out to be clear, he conceded knowing her yet pointed a finger at his plumber.

In the interim, the young lady over and again visually connected with the minister when asked “who did this to you” and proceed to portray the tragic occurrence when removed from George’s sight. The Pastor has been captured while the poor young lady is accepting treatment in a medical clinic.

She was all the while spotting around 4 pm today before confirmation. As you read and offer, recall Pastor George is anything but an outsider. He is a notable individual in the family and has actually given his wedding IV to the casualty’s mom

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