Slay Mama Moesha Boduong Shames Herself On UTV


Slay Queen, Actress and Enterpreneur Moesha Boduong has again showed how carefree she is as she failed to repeat the very common Ghanaian national anthem on air.

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The Actress has through the years showed beyond a reasonable doubt that she is living a carefree life – an example is her interview with cnn’s Amanpour – and she did so once again on New Year.

Moesha was on UTV and asked to do a very simple recitation of the Ghanaian national anthem.

This is a common  task that even children in primary school can easily do, but the slay queen battled with it.


After failing to sing just the first line, Boudong succeded in powering through only to end up faltering in the middle.
It was a truly shameful spectacle.

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