Some School pupil in Nalerigu say they will not take the Covid-19 vaccines.


The Government of Ghana on Wednesday 23rd February 2021 announced its readiness to receive the first batch of Covid-19 vaccines. The vaccines according to the Government of Ghana will be administered to Ghanaians to help combat the deadly Corona Virus in the country.

This news as triggered some fear and panic amongst Ghanaians, mostly the Aged, underlying patients and the people leaving in less privileged communities.

A team of Joy News went to Nalerigu to capture some Schools under tress, unfortunately the school pupil began runing away upon seeing them. It took the assistance of one of the teachers to assemble them back into the classroom.

An interview was granted to the school pupil to ascertain why they took to their heels when they saw the News Crew. Some of the pupils ranging from the ages of 10 to 15 years said their parents have instructed them to run away anytime they see strangers heading towards their school, this is because they will be vaccinated.

They further said, their parents told them that they will die when they take the Covid -19 vaccines.

Some Parents within the community shared through an interview that, the vaccines are meant to take their lives and that of their children but the government is not telling them the truth.

They said the Government of Ghana can no longer  afford the free education  due to the increasing number of students hence they are going to use the Covid-19 vaccines to kill and decrease the students population in order to have fewer students to enjoy the free education.

The Government of Ghana would have to use all information platforms to sensitise and educate Ghanaians especially those in the remote areas about the Covid -19 vaccines before they can achieve their goal if not the program will be in shambles.

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