Special Month of Love Series: A Love Story – Confused!


Adina sat down very quietly at the corner table of the dimly lit bar nursing a stiff vodka amidst very load music playing in the background.

It was a Friday evening and the weekend bliss had already started. People had already closed from work and were winening down for the weekend.

The smell of tobacco and fresh khebabs roasting on the charcoal grill had filled the room with smoke to almost choking levels, but no one really cared. They just danced, sang, talked loudly, ate their food and went about their business as if the end of the world had come.

Adina sat all alone in the corner of the bar looking very confused, her eyes were red from crying all afternoon… “How am I going to break this news to him?” she thought to herself as she took another gulp from the half empty glass.

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The barman came along; and she raised her hand and gestured, “another one please! Make it a double!” The barman returned with her order and watched her in awe as she quickly downed the last drop.

He picked up the glasses as she muttered softly “Thanks!” and he returned to the bar wondering if the lady at the corner table will be able to walk out of the bar after downing a quarter of a litre of that toxic Russian liquor.

The phone suddenly rang with a vibration which she felt strongly on the table. She quickly grabbed her handbag, and frantically scooped it out to answer the call.

“Hi sweet heart! have you set off yet?” the voice at the other end of the line asked.

“Yeah honey, I am almost there; just caught up in heavy N1 traffic now” she answered, while wiping a tear off her eyes with her bare hands.

“Sweetie whats the loud noise in the background? Anyway, never mind, I will be waiting in the lobby for you, just take it easy and be safe babe”.

Adina hang up the phone and beckoned the barman with trembling hands to come for his money. “Keep the change!” she muttered and got up to leave. She picked up her bag, car keys and hurried out of the bar.

It was just past 4.30pm and clouds had just started gathering in the sky and releasing little droplets of rain into the atmosphere. The security man quickly grabbed an umbrella and rushed towards her but she told him it was okay as she had almost reached her parked car.

She got into the car just in time before the heavy rain suddenly broke out with rambling thunder and lightning flashes. In a moment the daylight had turned into pitch darkness from the cloud bearing rain.

Now sitting quietly in the car, thousands of memories kept flooding back into her mind again… “What am I going to do?” she asked herself with tears rolling uncontrollably down her cheeks.

After about 10 minutes, the rain suddenly started subsiding so she picked up her makeup kit, cleaned her face and did a quick touch up. Then she started the engine and drove off into the already dark evening.

To be continued …

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