Special Month of Love Series: What Valentine’s Day meant to some of us.


Back in the days when I used to date girls whom I had loved in the mid to late 1980s, those were the days when Valentine’s day celebrations was very special to some of us.

It was not just about going out to Papaye or the Accra mall to eat chicken, pizza or ice cream and then go home and have sex like we see now a days.

Expressing Love in those days was something most of us old school took seriously indeed!

In those days there were no mobile phones and radios to express your love so it had to be very well planned least you shot yourself in the foot. Gone were the days when we had to go find real red roses from the Parks and Gardens because there were no artificial ones spread around like we see today.

Then you also had to write your love message in the form of a letter and get your best picture to accompany it to be delivered by hand or by Ghana Post.

Back in those days when we were in secondary school, we had to actually time the arrival of the letter if it was to be posted so that it arrives exactly on the 14th of February, otherwise it will lose its flavour and essence.

We the guys also looked forward to receiving letters with sweet scented perfume on the writing pad!… When was the last time any of you wrote a sweet letter to your partner? The art of writing has now whittled down to sending text messages on social media and this could be copied and sent to thousands of people all at once.

These messages are now sent without any real meaning to them because they are just words from someone else! In those days you had to coin out your own words or copy them from favourite love songs so that your girl would read the sweet loving words and sing along! this made it so special an occasion especially for the girls and for us guys, it made us feel man enough.

Sex was always the last thing on the agenda. Back in those days, where on earth would you even find the money to take your girl to a hotel, let alone take her out to a candle light dinner at Afrikiko?

But between the two, I always preferred the Afrikiko restaurant and it was great and very romantic for me and my girl. Even getting your girl to go out with you was also another big challenge which made the whole occasion even more adventurous. Just imagine it, how many parents in those days would allow their precious pretty daughters to go out after 6pm? Gone are those days!

But the sad aspect of it all is that the meaning of Real Love has been lost to the youth of today because technology has now come to corrupt their minds. The perfect gift for a lady in those days was either a book, a card, a sweet scenting rose flower, a wrapped gift of sweet scenting perfume or chocolates all wrapped up nicely to be delivered with love and care to a recipient.

You could just imagine getting a favourite Mills & Boon novel for your girl because our girls liked to read in those days papa. But today, it’s all about African movies on TV instead of reading a romantic novel or a good book for that matter.

Our girls in those days could really write very good love letters to us the guys because they read very good books back then. We the guys had to rehearse whatever we wanted to say to our girls several times in front of a mirror and yet sometimes we still missed some of the lines or totally forgot them altogether when we came face to face.

Thats what we used to call “Speechless at Kokomlemle!”, a term which my friends and I would tease ourselves with after an unsuccessful meeting with a girl. But today it is either facebook, WhatsAPP and badoo type of short cut writings.

Indeed, laziness has now crept into our means of communications and its sad. Maybe I am too old fashioned, but I still miss those good old days and I always reminisce this with my wife most of the times. Love has now changed its face and meaning today.

A beach front joint called Osikan was one of my favorite spots too! My other favourite joint was The Next Door Beach Resort located on the La-Teshie road. These were some very good places to chill out in the evenings with your friends and colleagues on weekends. Having charcoal grilled khebabs and drinks under the moonlight while watching the sea waves as they beat against the rocks. What a sight it was to behold in those days! I always liked beach-side joints.

One interesting aspect of visiting such places was that it made me carry a jacket along because I knew for sure that sooner or later my girl would start to shiver under the cold night breeze; that would offer me an opportunity to lend her the jacket which I would have had sprayed with my best cologne spray. And while she was using my jacket, I too would begin to feel the cold to the bones, but I would pretend that I am okay with my teeth chattering under the cold breeze in a chilly evening in August.

Valentine Trouble: Woman Grabbed By Her Husband Fucking Another Man On Valentine’s Day

Man has done some silly things before o! Those were the days!
Folks, yes I know pretty well that life is a rush now a days, and that’s the challenge which it poses to our relationships as well.

We are too busy to make time to have fun so we must try our very best to make time for ourselves. We are even too tired to make love to our spouses …  and that’s the danger which today’s life styles pose to most relationships.

For me, making time to have quality time with your partner is the key to a successful and truly loving relationship and I try very hard to accomplish this even though I am a very busy man myself.

I spent Valentine’s day, with my family. We all went to church because it fell on a Sunday and came back home for lunch when ideally we should have been eating lunch together – against some fufui and akrantie light soup, garnished with home grown snails or crab, pig feet, cow leg, goat, chicken and a beef all mixed together at the Bush Canteen located in East Legon.

But this time around, it wasn’t so and you wanna know why? As for that one, you will have to ask our unwanted guest COVID-19!

Wishing you my cherished readers a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Love Month! I love you all, desperately!!

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