Special Month of Love Series: Women hold the Keys to every Successful Marriage.


Women are the Master Tacticians and Operations Managers at the home. Everything revolves around them at the home and that’s the plain reality! All she needs from the man is Love, Honour, Support and Respect from the man to enable her perform her duties well.

Proverbs 31 gives us the perfect job description of a good wife! Emphasis is on the word “Good”. This chapter describes the mark of a Virtuous Woman! There is no dispute about this if it is said that she is the actual home maker and not the man.

They manage the home and that’s why whenever a home is cozy it’s she who gets the credit and when it falls short of expectations, it’s she who takes the blame.

Is is true that it is the man who rules as head of the home; but in reality, he is more or less the figure head… the bread winner. The rest depends on the wife.

So for a successful marriage to run its full term, I think majority of it depends on the woman. If left for her to remain a “Helper” then it means she would work under constant instruction from the man. A helper is a helper; and helpers have too much limits to their authority.

But a Wife is more like a Partner in Business with equal say/shares… Secondly, because the management of the home is her area of expertise which she brings into the union/partnership, she must be allowed the freedom to operate and give of her very best.

The commander in chief of an army, though he is overall boss, allows his leutenants to operate within the chain of command to achieve the desired results. If he attempts to usurp their roles because he is boss, the whole thing would collapse. It is so with any good business and so should it be with the institution of marriage.

State Holds Vigil in honour of late Jerry John Rawlings.

In conclusion, and for me, I would always leave the running of the home to my wife. But as head of the household, I would do what is expected of me as the head of the house to support her to run it successfully without the unnecessary interference, autocratic tendencies and egocentric mannerism which a lot of men met out to their wives.

In reality, the home front is her field of operation, mine as a man is to be there for her and support with lots of love and respect! These are some of the things which make a successful marriage.

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