Sports Betting, The New Hard drug


Sports betting has become one menace that has raised it’s ugly head in the Ghanaian society and is gradually rooting itself deep.

Boys as young as 15 years are seen betting for a chance to win large sums of money instead of sitting behind their books to read.

As a result, betting has rendered a lot of the youth very lazy because some are of the view that why look for a job when I can sit at the comfort of my home and make money?

The get-rich-quick attitude of the new crop of youths in the country has become so scary.
Sports betting has come to break down the already fragile moral standards of today’s youth.

Both the Bible and Qur’an identify sports betting as a form of gambling. And gambling according to both scriptures identify the act as forbidden.

From what I know and seen, sports betting is the easiest way to poverty . Don’t be deceived into thinking you amass wealth by winning bets.

It’s enticing nature is such that if care isn’t taken you might use up your life’s savings.

To the young ones who haven’t indulged in this act yet, please safeguard yourselves from future harm.


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