Stealth of the Deadly Coronavirus.


Did you know Covid-19 has actually helped prolong our lives over the period of the pandemic? Oh you are shocked huh?… well, this is true because over the period of the pandemic, we have all come to improve upon our personal hygiene practices of washing hands regularly and using sanitizers much more than we ever did before in our entire lives. Now you see my point huh?

However, there is still something very strange about this tiny but lethal and dangerous virus called Covid-19. Isn’t it ironic that this tiny virus has become the major cause of over 500,000 deaths in our health facilities worldwide; ah! you are shocked huh?

Today, if there is anything that will send you to hospital, its more likely to be coming from catching the coronavirus. This is the same COVID-19 which we are all frantically protecting ourselves from.

The Covid-19 disease has become the deadliest in the world today… it’s more deadly than HIV/AIDS, Polio, malaria, Hepatitis B and Genital Herpes.

All the above are also very dangerous transmissible diseases but the nature and transmission of the coronavirus makes it top the table of the league of contagious diseases.

Covid-19 spreads like wild fire raging on the California mountains. You simply catch the disease by talking to someone close to you; it’s that deadly! The others cannot affect you like that even if you shook hands with an infected person.

840 Nurses infected with COVID-19, 4 dead

But Covid-19 can get you even when standing just 1 meter away from an infected person. It’s that deadly!

So it’s each for himself and God for us all.

Let’s protect ourselves and adhere to the safety protocols such as washing hands regularly with soap and running water, using alcohol based sanitizers where there is no water, keeping to the prescribed social distancing protocols and wearing face masks at all times when in crowded places.

Protect yourself from others, so that they too can be protected from you!

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