Stoneboy questions the harm Rastafarian hairstyles could cause in schools


The prevalent conversation on the admission of students with dreadlocks at the Achimota Senior High School nationally is currently elastic as various citizens oppose and accept the National Association of Graduate Researchers (NAGRAT) decision to not accept the enrollment of two Rastafarians in the school.

The conversation became national due to a parent of one of the students who find this discriminating since dreadlocks is a requirement in the Rastafarian religion. He even threatens to sue them.

COVID vaccines won’t Harm you, trust me; Akuffo Addo.

The authorities of Achimota are obstinate and refuse to accept these students with their hairstyles. They emphasize that their school is not a site for fashion displays or religious beliefs. It’s a place for training, and conformity is required for training. They insist that students who have peculiar issues related to health may be considered after proving their claims.

Meanwhile, Stonebwoy who is also a rastaman makes a post on Twitter, a social media platform. And it reads, “May I ask, what harm does it cause a school from admitting a students because of their hairstyle as Rastafarians” This indicates concern or support for the Rastafarian students who were denied admission.

Many people believe accepting these students is unfair to the Achimota Senior High School because dress code was and is still highly respected there.

Others just don’t agree because they are unable to understand how and why a person’s appearance is picked over his or her capabilities except for ancient rules and regulations.

However, “dress code” and “conformity” is a cherished value or virtue the heads of Achimota Senior High School refuse to let go of.


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