Sunday Special Word of Exhortation and Encouragement – You can make it big with the little you have in your hand.


Exodus 4:2. The Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?” He said, “A staff.”

This is what God asked Moses when they met at the burning bush.

God had tasked Moses to go into the land of Egypt to free his people from bondage. At that time, he had thought it was an impossible task to accomplish and besides who was he to face the mighty Egyptian army of which the king himself was the Commander in Chief!

Moses saw this mission as totally impossible to accomplish but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob inspired and reassured him of his victory over that mighty army which he would face one day at the red sea.

All Moses had in his possession was a shepherds staff or rod as most would have called it. That was his only weapon with which God had commissioned him to go and fight the Egyptian army to free the people of Israel.

Even though Moses at that time still had his doubts about victory, he took the step of faith into the land of Egypt and eventually freed the people from bondage.

With a shepherds staff, he was able to strike the Egyptians into surrendering the people to leave for the promised land. He also used the same shepherds staff to bury the entire Egyptian army in the red sea!

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So in the end, he had achieved all that feat with the only weapon he had… A shepherds staff.

Many a times we the children of God often times tend to look at our feeble selves as useless and think we cannot achieve what we would have wished to achieve because we have nothing in our hand… No money, no house, no job and virtually no nothing! But above all this self imposed handicap, we forget to realise that we still have a living God who can turn our shepherds staff into the most powerful weapon or tool to transform our situation from bad to good!

God asked Moses: “what is that in your hand?” And with what he had in his hand, God used it to help him accomplish his mission in Egypt.

God is still in the miracle working business today, and He is waiting on you to ask for help.

So I ask you now; what do you have in your hand now to embark on that dream journey of yours?

What do you have in your hand now to start that business you have always dreamed about?

What is that in your hand now with which you want to further your education?

Is it as worthless as a shepherds staff in today’s monetary terms?

Don’t be afraid because in the Kingdom business it is not about physical things per say… It is by having great faith in God almighty.

With God on your side, you can move that obstacle away from your path so you can make a headway.

You don’t need to have GHc5,000 or 50 million in your hand now to start that dream business, or to embark on that journey overseas.

You can always start with the little you have on you and make it grow big gradually so that you can achieve your future goals.

Just take that step of faith like Moses did and see how God would turn things around in your favour. Just start with that little container shop or kiosk by the road side and see how God would turn into a big shop one day.

Ask family and friends for as little help they can give and with hard work, diligence and perseverance you can turn it around into something big.

Don’t wait for that big loan from the bank; collect something small and start with it and see how God will turn it all around into what you dreamed of.

Moses saw in his a hand something small and worthless… only a cheap shepherds staff which he had made for himself, but God saw in his hand something big and turned it into something powerful with which he was able to free the people of Israel from Egypt to the promised land.

The little you have in your hand will become something big one day and it will take you to the promised land of your dreams so do not despair; God is on your side!

There is one little secret which many people wanting success do not know about but I will let you in on it for free.

To be successful in life and in business, you must learn to start small; work hard at it, and be very focused on the goal. With perseverance and patience it will become big and you will one day get to the promised land.

Don’t see it as small from the beginning, but dream big and press on and you shall surely overcome those obstacles.

May God richly bless you and have a fruitful week!

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