Surprising as little boy proposes love to the opposite sex


The world has transformed so faster to the extent that children are behaving like adults, including proposing love to their opposite sex in the various schools.

What surprises most is that, these children are below the adolescent age, not to talk of them being in upper classes. It’s obvious they learn all these from movies and what they see outside.

An issue of this sort popped up when Afia Schwarzenegger shared a picture of a love letter from Paa Kofi, a little who addressed the letter @penalistic_pena, her daughter.

Though Afia Schwarzenegger jokingly threatened to deal with the little boy, she cried to God to intervene in such issues.

“From Paa Kofi to Pena, I love you” this was what the letter contained.

Teacher followers of Afia Schwarzenegger after seeing the post on Facebook, shared experiences of similar issues that happened in their various schools and classrooms.


Indeed the world of children is full of fun.

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