Tanzania:Snubbs Corona Virus Vaccine For Herbal Treatment


Purportedly Tanzania has said it has no plans to import Covid-19 vaccines, instead, pinning its hopes on research into “local herbs”.

In a dialogue with the East African newspaper, Health Ministry spokesperson Gerald Chami went on to cast doubt on the security and capability of imported vaccines.

He alleged that development has been too quick for serious testing.

Covid-19 vaccine tests meet proper international standards.

Tanzania’s approach to Covid-19 has been at disparity with its East African neighbors, who have seen a recent wave in cases.

The country stopped covering new cases at the end of April, and President John Magufuli claimed that the country was virus-free.

It was also one of the first countries to order Madagascar’s self-proclaimed, plant-based Covid-19 remedy in May, despite advice that its capability was ambigous.

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