The Achievements and Evolution of Christiano Ronaldo


Christian  Ronaldo is the source of inspiration to many young football Stars.

Many African and European footballers developed their interest to play soccer due to the talent and inspiring nature of Christian Ronaldo. He is strong on the pitch and when it comes to delivering on big occasions, he has no rival.

Christian Ronaldo doesn’t drink alcohol because he felt the pains that caused the death of his father.

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Christian Ronaldo doesn’t have tattoos because he donates blood twice a year to some hospitals.

He came from a poor family and lost his father when he was only 19 years old.

Ronaldo make great donations for schools in Palestine and donated his golden boot to the country. He offered 3 Million pound Sterling to some African countries who are suffering from famine.

He donated 100,000 Euros in support of Afghan land mines victims.

Christian Ronaldo donated 7 Million Euros to help Nepal Aid effort to save children who suffered from earthquakes.

Ronaldo won the 2016 Euro Silver boot and gave it to Nani, his team mate because he thought Nani worked hard in the grand final of the tournament.

Ronaldo Christian is an incredible player and his attitude  and confidence define his personality.

In 2021, Christian Ronaldo with 758 official goals just broke the records of World Pele’s all time official goals.

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