The Brawl Between Victoriah Hammah And Lord Hammeh Isn’t Stopping OOO


Social Media Friends of two relatives Victoria Hamah and Lord Hamah were blessed to receive some family quarrel on Monday, December 21 2020.

Lord who has been looking into the National Democratic Congress (NDC) since the party was proclaimed losers in the just-finished political race made a post on Facebook to show that he will never accept defeat.

Victoria helped Lord to remember his annihilation and the way that the last time he challenged for a political position, he had earned just 3 out of the votes cast on the day.

Lord Hamah goaded by the remark by Victoria terminated a few salvos and depicted her in unprintable words such that Victoria Hamah is only a sex image.

As far as he might be concerned, she should search for a man and get hitched to in light of the fact that her social significance is simply sex and that’s it.

The conflict between the two who are supposed to be family stunned numerous who thought it was unnecessary and ought not have been supported.

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