The Secret Affair.


After Kodwo left Araba’s apartment the next morning, he thought back on what she had said about her husband. She did not love him and yet she didn’t want to leave him either, but the fact still remained he was a lousy man in bed.

A good provider and considerate, but just not good in bed. And since she had gotten pregnant, he was afraid of harming her and hadn’t laid a hand on her since. She understood, but understanding didn’t ease the intense desire and passion which kept burning in-between her legs.

Kodwo also talked about their secret relationship and decided to play it as it came. He had no desire for a long-term relationship and she wasn’t about to leave her husband, so it seemed they were playing equal hands.

On Monday, when he saw her at work, he had to smile. Kodwo didn’t have to wonder what she looked like under her clothes, because he already knew. But that didn’t stop him daydreaming about her throughout the day.

For her part, Araba seemed happier than before and Kodwo shared a secret smile remembering how they had made love the whole night away just a day or two earlier.

He admitted spending a good deal of the week thinking about her and the way she set his entire body on fire while they made love. He also remembered the way she would moan as he ran his hands over her body and played with her breasts and the Garden of Eden as well as how she also responded to being kissed all over her body while they made passionate love and how tightly she had held unto him through out the night as if he was the last straw she could clutch unto in an ocean of pure ecstasy and passionate love making. For a moment he thought it was all fantasy and that he was either dreaming it or imagining the whole affair.

On Wednesday afternoon, during their lunch break at the Mukase restaurant, located in the airport residential area, they both got to talk alone and made a date for Friday, February the fourteenth. It was a night which fell on Valentine’s Day since her husband was due back from trek on Sunday evening.

She didn’t want to take any chances of hurting him, so she wanted to keep Saturday night free. They met at the same restaurant and had dinner. They then went to watch a movie at the Silver Bird cinema located in the Accra shopping mall after which they then left for his place this time. Kodwo lived a little out of town on the Dodowa road and the place was pretty secluded; surrounded by thick trees and a good distance from his nearest neighbour. He had acquired that place, a farm house located on a 20 acre stretch of land when he returned back home after spending almost 13 years overseas.

Kodwo had acquired enough wealth to start up a small business of his own as an IT consultant. He was also very much interested in farming as a hobby. As soon as they got inside, he stepped up behind her and put his arms around her and stroked her belly.

Araba was three months pregnant getting unto four. He could feel how taut she was and let his hands linger for a while and then moved up to her breasts which he felt through the blouse she was wearing. The scent of the perfume she ware that evening was soo enchanting and captivating that it really set the tone for a night of total bliss.

Kodwo marveled at the firmness of her breasts and the way her nipples would poke through her bra and blouse. She also responded by pressing against him and rubbing her buttocks against his crotch.

Kodwo at this moment began to feel the rush of adrenaline flow through his body thus making him have an immediate hard on so he started kissing and nibbling on her ears and neck while he continued to fondle her nipples. After a couple of minutes, she turned around and reached up on her tiptoes to kiss him.

As she did, her tummy rubbed against his crotch and he felt a flash of lightning bolt shoot through his body almost making him drop to his knees. He still hadn’t yet figured out what it was about this pregnant woman that turned him on so much, but she really did have an amazing effect on him.

They continued kissing for a few moments and then he led her into the coziness of the bedroom upstairs, which he called the den and there he fixed two dry martinis on ice from the mini cock tail bar. He also put her favourite Kojo Antwi CD into the player turning down the volume very low to allow the soft love music complete the romantic ambience of the dim lighted room.

Araba told him she was going to savour her drink, as it would probably be one of the few she was going to have until the baby was born. As they sipped the drinks, they discussed their work and things in general.

They also realized that the opportunity might be one of the few chances they would have since her husband was coming back soon so delaying only increased the awareness of each other. Kodwo just couldn’t keep his eyes off of Araba while they talked, because her body was still shapely in spite of her pregnancy and he thought she was incredibly sexy for a woman in such a state.

When they finished drinking, they got closer together and started kissing again while they let their hands rove over each other, like security personnel frisking bodies at an airport departure lounge.

Araba then started to unbutton Kodwos shirt so he moved away to help her, but she stopped him saying, “No Kodwo darling, let me do it. You undressed me last time and so it’s my turn now.”

He resigned and let her undress him. When she finished unbuttoning his shirt, she pulled it from his jeans and threw it onto the bedside chair. His v-neck fruit of the loom vest was the next to join the shirt. She then ran her fingers through the hair on his chest, stroking her fingernails very gently up and down his skin.

She then leaned forward and kissed each of his nipples and started to run her tongue all over his hairy chest. Kodwo hadn’t had a woman do that to him in a long while since his separation with his fiancée Dora, so the feeling was super. It was like her tongue and fingers were setting off little firecrackers inside him. He started to feel his manhood getting hard again and so he shifted in his chair to get more comfortable.

As he did that, she grabbed his belt and undid the buckle, pulling him up a little as she did. He then realized she wanted him to stand up, so he obeyed, facing her. Araba undid the button and pulled down the zipper of his brown wrangler jeans.

She pulled them down and let them gather around his ankles, leaving them there. She then rubbed his manhood through the boxer’s shorts, feeling it strain to be free from the material, but not letting it go just yet. She kept stroking it while he moaned softly until he was almost about to climax right there into his shorts.

Finally, she lowered his shorts and watched as his manhood sprang free, waving just a few inches in front of her belly. With both his shorts and jeans still stuck around the ankles, he couldn’t move without falling and she realized it.

She looked up, and smiled at him, and then she licked her lips in mockery fashion at him. Not touching him, she took his manhood in her hands and gently fondled it, rolling it in her hand, stroking it, and then running her fingernails across the skin.

At this point she was at the verge of driving him into cloud nine when he begged her to stop saying “Please Araba stop before you drive me nuts”. She replied, “You made Friday night memorable, and I’m going to make tonight even more so” and with that, she leaned forward and kissed him passionately on the lips.

She then leaned back and looked at him and told him to finish undressing after she was done with me. She unbuttoned her own blouse and slacks and opened them up. She took off her blouse and started playing with her nipples, squeezing them inside her bra and pinching them through the fabric.

Then she said, “One good thing about being pregnant is that my nipples are starting to get larger. I’ve always thought they were a little small, what do you think?”

As she finished her statement, she cupped her boobs and lifted them up for his inspection, still inside the bra cups. “Oh,” she said, “I guess you can’t judge them properly inside my bra, so let me take it off.” And she did, again cupping them and lifting them for his final inspection.

Kodwo bent forward to play with them, but she stopped him and said, “No, you can’t touch them just yet.” By now Kodwo was very confused and getting a little bit irritated and impatient because he didn’t know when her game was going to end, even though it was driving him crazy with desire.

His manhood was standing up straight and he could feel it throbbing as she continued to play with her nipples, now fondling and pinching them without the interference of her bra. Her nipples were by now hard and erect, sticking out like little buttons on her boobs. Kodwo earnestly wanted to hold and suck them, but she wouldn’t let him.

“It makes me hot to see you want me soo desperately,” she said, “and I want to make you hotter than you’ve ever been before.” “You’re well on your way, but can’t I sit down, this isn’t really comfortable.” Kodwo responded. She added, “Not yet my darling, but soon, very soon my darling.” With this she got off the sofa and pulled down her underwear over her swelling belly down to her ankles.

As she removed them, she lifted one leg and then the other very gently and slowly, and in the process giving Kodwo a quick glimpse of the darkish patch between her legs and under her panties. She threw her underwear onto the floor and spread out her legs slightly.

Kodwo could just barely see the darker triangle between her legs as she started rubbing her hands over her belly, tracing the swelling outline of her pregnancy. He could easily tell that her skin was sensitive because every so often she would shiver as she ran her hands over her body.

As her hands worked lower, he wanted to climax again, but realized she didn’t want that, so he just stood there and watched as she played with herself. Finally, she began playing with herself with both hands.

“I bet I know exactly what you want from me tonight,” she said. Kodwo smiled back and replied hoarsely, “I’ll bet you do too so please don’t keep me waiting too long.” “Soon, darling soon” she said.

And with that, she helped me shuffle back a few paces, then quickly removed her panties and lay down on the sofa. She then raised her legs very high and beckoned him to approach the valley of love. A long, low moan escaped her lips as he lowered himself unto her.

They both made passionate love until they climaxed and slumped down onto the carpet like a tired and hungry man who had just returned home after a hard days work to his bed. They made love again twice amidst shouts of ecstasy, screams and moaning until they brought themselves into a series of multiple climaxes.

Kodwo was able to make Araba climax several times and as they lay there, gently kissing and romancing she said “That’s was a job well done Kodwo”.

“And that’s just for starters; we still have the whole night ahead of us.” They went out onto the balcony overlooking the lake where they sat down on a raffia mat for a while, again kissing and sipping another round of drinks.

They were both fully nude and started running their hands over each other’s body. Kodwo admired the way Araba had kept herself in shape. She was obviously spending a lot of time at the health club she belonged to at Labone, a very prestigious suburb of Accra.

He asked her about it, and she told him she was attending aerobics classes for pregnant women. He also told her the program was really working well and that she was still looking very sexy.

As they talked, they both started getting excited again. Kodwo ran his hands over her belly and felt her shudder slightly. As he moved up to her boobs, she lay back on the mat and closed her eyes.

He pinched and pulled on her nipples, gently rolling each one between his fingers and watching it stiffen and become erect. He then started kissing her all over again beginning with her face and working his way downward towards her toes.

Shivers ran through her whole body as she climaxed, but not as hard as the first time and every so often, she would shudder and give a little sigh of satisfaction.

Kodwo’s ego was riding high at the pleasure he was able to give her. Finally, she stopped shuddering and lay back contented on the mat. She smiled sweetly at Kodwo and said, “That was great darling, I have never ever climaxed that hard in my entire life before.” At that, Kodwo’s ego took off to an even higher level which pleased and excited him that he could make her that happy and contented. He got up and sat down beside her and kissed her again very passionately.

“Its now my turn to set your body on fire” she said. She then licked her lips and looked down at his manhood and saw it standing at attention.

She reached down and took it in her hand and started stroking it and said, “I hope I can please you the same way you pleased me.” He told her he was sure she could and moved so that she could have better access to his entire body. For the next 30 minutes or so Araba sent him to clould-9 and back several times.

“Araba,” he finally said, “that was the best climax I have ever been given and I want to make a small confession.” At this, she looked a little worried, but he told her why he thought he had climaxed so fast several times.

Girl Dumps Boyfriend Over Ex-Girlfriends Looks

“When I look at your body naked and see the swelling of your tummy, I get very excited. Frankly, I’m not sure why, but your pregnancy adds to my excitement.” “I’m glad,” she told him with a sign of relief and continued, “I like pleasing you and if being pregnant add to your excitement, that’s even better. Darling, I also want to let you know that it builds my self-image. Even though I’m not that far along, until last week, I was concerned about losing my attractiveness.”

“You don’t have to worry about that with me, at least. But I will admit, I don’t feel that way about all pregnant women, it’s just you my sweetness.” And with that, he lifted her back onto the mat and kissed her hard on the lips.

They made love again in the coolness of the balcony and as they did Kodwo saw she was building up to her climax again, so he changed his motion by slowing down the tempo to allow for a longer, lasting climax together.

He started fondling her body again and felt a slight tremor start to build and then he knew the end was near, so he began to increase the tempo of his love making.

Meanwhile, her eyes were shut tightly and she was moving her head from side to side, moaning and groaning at the same time as she approached climax.

Finally, they both climaxed and went limp on the mat drenched in sweat and in complete exhaustion. His manhood had now lost its hardness and he leaned forward to kiss her again and said “thank you my sweetness for making my evening memorable”.

She looked deeply into his eyes and replied, “you are welcome my darling” and kissed him back.

They spent the rest of the night in intermittent love making and catnapping. Just before he took her home the next morning, they eat a big English breakfast, which Kodwo had prepared himself after which they promised to get together again as soon and as often as they could.

Kodwo also told her he was a very experienced gourmet cook to which she said she couldn’t wait to sample his handiwork the next time they met.

The End.

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