They slapped me from behind: Caleb gives heartbreaking account of ordeal in the grips of National Security


They slapped me from behind: Caleb gives heartbreaking account of ordeal in the grips of National Security.

Caleb Kudah, a journalist with Citi FM and television has finally spoken about the ordeal he went through at the hands of the National Security.

Speaking in an interview with Bernard Avle on the Eye witness news, Caleb indicated that he went through a heartbreaking moment at the premises of the National Security.

According to him, they handcuffed him in a small office and gave him some slaps from the back. He adds that all his pleas went into deaf ears.

He was at the premises to take pictures of some cars that had been parked for many years and were being rotten away.

“Earlier I was sent to the national security to have an interview about two years ago and there were cars parked and they were being rotten. So when the #Fixthecountry campaign started, I asked and realized the cars had been disbursed.

I asked people and got responses that they had already benefited. So I got to know later that the cars were still there.

So on Tuesday, I was in town running some errands and I went there to see the cars were still parked there behind the Babayara sports stadium. I spoke to the security man and told him I was looking for Abena because I had an appointment with her just to get access to the place.

So I took some photos and saw the cars. They were few but had weeds on them. The seats in the cars had rubbers still on them. The body of the cars had cracked”. He narrated.

Caleb Kudah further added that, in the process of taking the pictures, one of the National Security officers approached him and started raising an alarm. He says that was when his suffering begun.

“A man approached me and asked where I was going. I tried to explain myself to him but he would not listen and shouted that I should be arrested. They came at me and I panicked. So I quickly sent the videos to Zeo because I knew they would ask me to delete it”. He added.

He further indicated that he was taken into a small office where they subjected him to severe beatings.

He says attempts to show them his ID card did not materialize.

“They took me to a small place and said these are the people causing problems for us. I showed them my ID card but they did not mind me.

They took my phone and looked through my chat. They slapped me from my back and pushed me into the chair. I head names of Osei and Owusu. I pleaded with them to forgive me but they kept beating me from the back.

At this point, they had handcuffed me. I was too thirsty and one got me water. Another person came and kicked me, his name is Agyemang. I was appealing to him but he would not listen. They said Captain said we should beat you”. He added.

According to Caleb, he is currently feeling pains from the back and ribs. He adds that he has already visited the hospital.

“I feel pain in my back and it hurts. I don’t feel well at all. The company got me to the hospital and they examined me. I feel pains in my back and side and rib. People look closely at me and say they see marks there”. He added.

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