This Is How To Prevent Pregnancy Without Pills And Injections


Worrying about how to prevent unwanted pregnancy because you and your partner aren’t ready yet to make babies? worry more! we have got a natural means of helping you over come your problem.

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  • Eating vitamin C enriched fruits: Eating fruits enriched with vitamin C can act as ideal and safe birth control method. Because of the high percentage of ascorbic acid it helps prevent progestogen home from reaching the Ovules. This may be a good step into eliminating that big problem that has stayed with you for long.
  • Papaya: taking papa immediately after doing the do helps in avoiding pregnancy. This will be the biggest solution you can consider without haven to think of pills that may have some hormonal changes in your body.
  • Dried figs: Eating 2-3 pieces of dried figs daily can go a long way to help avoid pregnancy. Make sure not to over eat it.

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  • Calendar rhythm method: this relies upon calculating calculating a lady’s unsafe period on the Calendar. A woman may subtract 18 days from her shortest menstrual cycle based on her 12 previous menstrual cycles to determine her unsafe period and 11 days from her longest menstrual cycle to determine her last unsafe period.
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