This Is What Sefa Kayi Says About IGP’s Comments


This is what Sefa Kayi the host of the morning show on peacefm had to say about some comments made by the IGP.

The recent murder of a police man on an escort duty has led toan uproar from Ghanaians home and abroad.

The IGP in response to Ghanaians made several comments including one which has got many social media users angry.

The IGP said Ghana is not heaven and that the police are doing all they can to help protect the country.

The number of daytime roberries in the country has recently increased which has put people on high alert and in fear for their lives.

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Sefa Kayi said that, he suppports the IGP threat to redraw police officers if the assoiciation of bankers fail to meet the june 30 deadline for securing bullion vans.

They current pickup trucks used for transporting cash is highly unsafe for both police and staff of the bank.

“I support the IGP of the decision to redraw police officers after june 30 deadline. Its loke sending your child out to die”.

What are your thoughts on this and other related issues the IGP has raised on the level of insecurities in the Country.

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