Tomato traders association set to embark on demonstration.



The Tomato Traders and Transporters Association of Ghana are ready and set to embark on a demonstration coming off on Sunday, 7 February, 2020.

The traders are protesting against recent spate of armed robbers attacking some traders on the Kumasi-Bolga-Burkina Faso road.

The association has come out to complain that a driver died on Friday, 5 February 2020, after being shot together with his mate by armed robbers while driving on their way to Burkina Faso.The association has reported seven members robbed and shot in less than three weeks while on a journey returning from Burkina Faso.

According to association,no measure has been employed to curb the increasing robbery attacks on its members.
They further noted that despite complaints to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), James Oppong Boanuh nothing has been done.

During a press conference on Friday, 5 February 2020, National Vice-Chairman of the Association, Abraham Nana Poku noted that, “We’re by this medium cautioning all tomato drivers in Ghana, who transport tomatoes with their vehicles that from Sunday, we do not want to see them on the roads, transporting tomatoes. Whoever, disobeys this order and goes to transport tomatoes, we’re telling all Ghanaians that we’ll destroy their tomatoes.

“Because we’ve informed government and his IGP but they ignored us. So we’re taking the law into our hands to do what’s in our best interest, that way, they’ll value us [the association].”

The association added that the authorities have remained silence about the issue so the association decides to embark on a strike from Sunday.

“Last week, we decided to send letters to District and Regional Commanders and wait for the results. It’s been over a week, we haven’t heard or seen anything. With today’s incident, we’re standing firm, we have over 1500 members and so we rotate. We have vehicles inside, we know when they’ll leave, when they do, from Sunday, we won’t allow any of the vehicles to cross the border again.”

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  1. Its high time we put measures to let our leaders act responsibly, we pay you to do a job and you can’t do it, yet you expect us to continue to pay you, eeiiii black man why?


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