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My name is Naa Koshie. I am a Ghanaian living in Europe with my family. I wish to share my life experience from contracting the dreaded, lethal and deadly disease called COVID-19.

Folks, if you haven’t actually experienced the ravages of this deadly disease, from where I live, you cannot appreciate magnitude and how much at risk you can be as you go about your daily routine.

Today you feel very well and healthy, but tomorrow you can find yourself ill and fighting for your dear life in hospital.

Covid-19 is a REAL monster. It is a very terrible disease so lets beware and protect ourselves at all times from this tiny but deadly virus.

Now to my story…

It all started with pain around the back of my neck and going down to my shoulders. My initial thought was that perhaps I had been sleeping in the wrong position. “It shall pass”, I told myself. This was on a Thursday.

By Friday morning, I woke up feeling kind of tired and not well rested, with the same back pain so I took some pain relief tablets and went to work.

Turkish doctors find link between COVID-19, helicobacter

By Friday evening, I got news that one of my colleagues at work has tested positive for COVID-19.

Ooops!… immediately my mind started racing. Oh Lord nooooo!. Then I started feeling feverish. My hubby assured me that it was fine, and so I had nothing to worry about.

But folks, despite the assurance, I still wasn’t sure about myself, so I immediately started using a face mask at home and told the kids to stay away from me.

I also removed my personal stuff from the kids reach in the bathroom.

Now whenever they were upstairs, I will go downstairs to do a few things that needed to be done and then leave, so that they too can come back downstairs.

That weekend was really tough. By Saturday evening, the severe headache and high temperature started. I felt very weak, but I had to force myself to go through my daily activities and chores, so that the family will not lack. But trust me, it was a real struggle for me to cope.

Then came Sunday. My condition got super worse… one flight of stairs and I was out of breath. I felt very tired. I lost my appetite for food, but I could still smell and taste it.

My head began to hurt very much that even touching it was soo painful. All I wanted to do now was to lay down and rest. But when sleep eventually came, hallucinations followed. Now it was just me and my room.

My hubby and the kids will come and knock on the door to check on me from time to time. My daughter on one occasion knocked on the door and said, “mama, I miss you!”, with so much sadness in her voice,… “but am home, I am here” I said. “You are home but you seem very faraway”, she responded.

On Monday, I decided to go and take the COVID-19 test. I was not as worried about the results than that thing the doctor was going to put in my throat and nostrils, but I picked up the courage and went to see the doctor.

The test was quick but very uncomfortable.

By Tuesday morning, I got a call from the doctor… the results came back NEGATIVE.

I was super excited, but wait a minute!… why was I still feeling like death was knocking on my door? The doctor told me that some people will always test NEGATIVE even though they have all the symptoms but to be on the safer side, I should still keep wearing my mask even at home.

He then prescribed some pain relief tablets and nose drops. I still carried the symptoms with me untill the next Saturday… 8 solid days on.

By the following Sunday, I began to feel much better. My temperature had gone back to normal, and the pain in my neck and shoulders had stopped. The headache was gone.

But then I started having severe pains in my chest. Breathing had become very painful for me and I felt like I needed to cough out something, but the pain and effort needed to do so had become wahala for me.

As if that was not enough, my hip joints starting hurting too, making lying down in bed very uncomfortable for me. I also felt my mouth become dry and talking became intense for me… nothing was working for me anymore.

I remember lying down in bed praying and telling God that my family cannot do without me, not now; they just couldn’t. “God you already know this, please see me through this”, as I cried out to the Lord.

Psalm 23 began my silent weapon again. I love that psalm so much because it give me strength whenever I recited and meditated on it. So this agony perpetrated by COVID-19 continued for another week.

The loneliness which accompanied the isolation I had to undergo even at home and in the confines of my own bedroom was enough mental torture to make anyone go crazy.

By the third week, I started feeling better again. But I still felt very tired and couldn’t do much. I went out of breath from doing the little things that I used to do before which I took for granted.

After three weeks of self isolation at home, I went back to work again. My colleagues were happy to see me back again, and we exchanged our covid experiences at work that day.

Some experiences were quite severe, and some not that serious.

But lo and behold, two weeks after returning back to work, I started experiencing tummy upset. I was a very bad one accompanied by severe cramps and funny noises in my tummy and it wasn’t like anything I have ever experienced in my life before.

This third wave (which I choose to call that way) started on a Tuesday, so went to the doctor’s the next day. He told me it was just a tummy bug, so he prescribed the usual, immodium and motilium for me.

I started taking those, but there was no improvement. I started having a feeling of severe nausea… “am I pregnant? Noooooo, it can’t be” I thought to myself.

Five more days into the tummy wahala, I started feeling super weak. My heart started racing at a very unusual high pace. I could no longer stand to dice an onion in the kitchen. Ah, me paaa nie? What is happening to me.

At night, sleep will not come to me except feeling hot and sweaty in an air-conditioned room accompanied by serious heart palpitations. Eiiii, am I dying? I kept asking myself.

Then two days later, I called the doctor again and told him what my body was going through. Indeed it was something I have never experienced before. I told the doctor I was still not feeling okay.

So the very next day, I went back to the clinic for some blood tests. That evening the doctor called me. I sensed some panic in his voice. “Are you okay?”, he asked. Then he proceeded to tell me I had developed the Covid-19 antibodies.

He further explained to me that during the three weeks which I felt soo sick, it was actually the coronavirus disease I had contracted, but the test was taken too early to detect the virus.

Therefore, the symptoms I had been experiencing throughout the period was a results of the infections in my body.

Indeed it had gotten so serious to the point of affecting my heart and thus giving me those palpitations. The excessive sweating was due to the fact that, my blood was thickening up and therefore the heart was overworking to pump blood to other parts of my body… this meant that I could be forming blood clots if the blood test was taken much later. It was good I went to do the tests otherwise things could have escalated to disastrous levels. This is how bad I was infected with Covid-19 and never knew it!

The lethal effects of the deadly covid-19 disease had rendered my body completely weak and incapacitated.

So I immediately started taking injections which he prescribed for me that very evening to thin my blood. But the challenging part of it was that I had to take 12 injections, which I had to administer by myself so that my family around me won’t get infected.

Indeed when your life depends on it, you will do anything just to survive.

After the third injection, I started feeling better again. But on the night of the third day, I was pretty sure I would not make it to see Sunday morning. Thats how bad it had gotten.

I felt very strange within and the urge to keep on going was just not there. My strength was gradually ebbing. But again on that very night, our church was having a midnight prayer session on zoom and the topic was “healing”.

I just sensed in my spirit at that very crucial moment that I needed to hear them pray online. I did not have the strength to pray but all I needed was to hear the voices of believers calling on our God. I told my hubby to tune in, just tune. He had also started praying.

I dont know when sleep took over, but it was the best and deepest sleep I have had in almost 7 weeks of my battle with COVID-19. I woke up a few minutes before 4am and saw my hubby sitting down nearby, watching me.

I asked, “why are you not asleep?” and he said, “I couldn’t sleep with you like this”. Then he asked me, how I was feeling to which I responded in the affirmative. Indeed I felt very refreshed so I went back to bed and slept like a baby.

I woke up the next morning feeling very revived and well… thankfully, no member of my family got infected.

Folks, my advice for you is; Covid-19 is a REAL monster so please stay safe, wear the face masks, keep the social distancing, maintain good hand hygiene, and don’t go out if it’s not necessary.

Last but not least, Pray.

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