Twitter CEO promises to donate to Africa


Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter a social media platform, makes his very first tweet that gets sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) for a price worth about US$2.9 million.

An NFT is a digital property with a unique design or signature that can’t be copied or recreated, kept on a blockchain. It is obtained through transactions recently, in accordance with the increasing popularity rate of cryptocurrencies.

When a person purchases an NFT, they get all ownership and distribution claims or rights that the original owner once had. The new owners buy all rights of the unique token that connect their names to the artwork.

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Dorsey’s tweet, “just setting my Twitter” was published March 21, 2021. This tweet was shared about 15 years ago. Followed by an auction at Valuables, a platform owned by Cents. Cents is a social media network. The highest offer was from Sani Estavi, the CEO of Bridge Oracle. The tweet was purchased for 1630.5825601 ethers, an equivalent of US$2,915,835

The found buyer was announced by Jack Dorsey within a few hours. It’s expected that he receives 95% of the earnings and the 5% left to go to Cents.

Dorsey stated that he would “immediately convert the proceeds from the sale to Bitcoin and donate it to nonprofit GiveDirectly Africa Response”


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