United States President, Joe Biden signs ‘controversial’ Executive order


U. S President Joe Biden has signed new executive orders in the oval office of the White House on 25 January 2021 in Washington, DC.

President Biden has issued a dozen of executive orders and a memorandum in his first days on the job. His orders include issues about the energy sector, immigration, race, climate, Covid-19, and other important things to tackle by his administration.

Though the President’s ideas are appreciated and he is admired by his supporters especially including those who want to see Donald Trump out.

Biden ‘Knocks’ Trump Out.

Others are criticizing and in contradiction to Biden’s recent Executive orders for violating and contrary to his opening speech/message for unity.

Republicans have strongly opposed that the President is usurping legislative consensus to further the left-wing agenda. The Democrats with a slim majority in Parliament controls both Chambers of Congress.

The prospect of bipartisan actions on Biden’s campaign promises could face steep uphill battles to become a legislative law.

The Republicans tweeted that, his entire agenda can be held hostage if he tries to create new law saying such activities are more limited in what they can achieve, and Presidents who overreach invite intervention by the court.

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