Video: Guy Siezes Clothes From Young Lady In A Restaurant Because She Rejected His Proposal

169 brings you another interesting relationship gone the wrong video. A guy seized the clothes he bought for a girl at a restaurant after she rejected his proposal.

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A video fast going viral has a young collecting his properties from a young lady after his proposal was bounced by the girl.

In the video, the guy seems to have planned the occasion beautifully like they do in the movies and took the young lady out to a popular restaurant.

It was at the restaurant that his proposal was rejected and this infuriated the young man and all hell broke loose.

He removed the shoes of the young lady and poured the remainder of the food the girl was eating into a bag and worked out.

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The young lady, however, being shocked just sat there motionless. It took a gentleman to walk her out of the restaurant to the full glaring eyes of the 100s that were there watching.

Maybe ladies should stop taking gifts from guys they know from the start they are not interested in or maybe guys should stop being childish about rejections.

What’s your take on this issue and please share this story, someone might get help before this humiliation occurs.

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