Video: Silhouettchallenge Nearly Tears Of A Girls Hand


The new trend on Snapchat is the #silhouettchallenge that has got girls going half-naked on camera. Your trusted news partner covered the full story on this new trend.

In a twist to the new trend, a Snapchat user obviously a novice in the trend and trying to over impress near had her wrist torn out.

In a video intercepted by newstodaygh the young lady who had prepared to get viral with her super dope performance of this new challenge got stopped by her own room ceiling fan.

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The challenge which we guess would have made her very popular if not for the bad spirits of her house or even share bad luck was going to spectacular.

She turned and twisted herself, finally, she wanted to lift her hands up high and forgot she had her ceiling fan on, the sound from the fan breaking her wrist could be heard, she however still managed to show what happened to the cameras.

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