Video: Slay Queen Vomits Bundles Of Money After Visiting Boyfriend

Video: Slay Queen Vomits Bundles Of Money After Visiting Boyfriend

The love of money is the root of all evil they say is really sometimes true, as this shocking video of a slay queen vomiting cash after she went to spend the night with her boyfriend.

A shocking viral video shows how a Slay Queen vomits money and goes mad after visiting her boyfriend

A video circulating on social media is a lady vomiting money and later went mad.

In the video, a beautiful young lady whose identity is yet to be known seen vomiting money in the room whiles she tries to remove her clothes.

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Money they say is the root of all evil but most ladies of recent have decided to use the easy road to making money for all the luxury stuffs that money can buy rather than working and attaining the money the right way.

According to reports, the young lady had just returned from a visit to her boyfriend’s house to only start bringing out money from his stomach causing all those who were around her to panic for the unusual behavior of the lady:

A lot of people who have seen the video have shared their opinion about the incident with many sympathising with the young lady whiles some threw insults at her for not working and depending on men for her daily livelihood.


Watch video below:


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  • They won’t listen.
    Money shouldn’t be a base for a relationship
    But sadly see what this world has turned into

  • Hmmmmm, the love for money

  • The worse is yet to come. “The love of money is the root of….”

  • Hmmm horrifying story, but lessons there to be learn’t

  • Hummmm…. 3y3 asem ooo

  • Eyyy

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