Video:Guy Eats Huge Balls Of Banku At Stadium While Enjoying Hearts Game


Football matches are what bring people together. Sometimes we also get loved ones there, but in the case of this guy, he turned the stadium into his dining room and engaged in a battle with Huge Banku balls and his Okro Stew.

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The viral video sighted by has got many people wondering whether he was fasting or that he did not get enough time to eat before the game.

The Strong Phobia Supporter sat comfortably while onlookers cheered him up to warm his belly with the heavy balls of Banku in front of him.

Whiles Eating the Banku he was watching the live game at the stadium and cheered his team on to win.

The excited man did not mind that he was been recorded as he swallowed home his food with joy. This strange behavior got a lot of netizens talking.

Watch Video Below:


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