Wealth: The Identity Of The Female Business Woman Who Might Be Richer Than Despite


Ghana with a large population of its citizens being women have seen very little of them being named in the top richest people in the country. Ghana has seen a lot people join the rich club over the past 20 years.

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One popular name among the rich people in Ghana is Osei Kwame despite who is CEO of Despite Group that includes Peace Fm, Neat Fm, Okay Fm, And Food Beverages companies too.

Despite is considered so rich that the noise that was made about his son’s wedding got so much attention and was slated among the most expensive weddings in the continent. Kennedy Osei Saw Huge Expensive cars displayed at his wedding. Osei Despites networth is estimated at $250 million Dollars which is below our antagonist in this article.

A very rich silent female entrepreneur who is richer than Kennedy Agyapong is Patricia Opoku-Diaby.

Her net worth is estimated to about $750 million and is considered the richest woman in Ghana and the 8th richest person in Ghana. She is involved with running her family business before starting the Plot Enterprise in Ivory Coast And later in Ghana.

Plot Enterprise deals in the processing of cocoa, cotton, and Cashew and has its operations in Dubai and west Africa.

Being a multinational business should be reason enough to be the richest woman in Ghana and hence richer than Despite who is operating in Ghana only.

Good work from madam Patricia and we encourage our female to take a cue from this woman. She is married with children.

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