What Killed Rawlings. (Read)


The death of Rawlings came as a blow to all  Ghanaians home and abroad including his family as well. The last days of the late ex-president were not all that favourable. His devastating health conditions also had an impact on the death of the late president.

Rawlings regime was a regime that can never be wiped away from the history of Ghana. The release of a book by Kwamena Ahwoi who was a state minister in the Rawlings regime and also a critic of Rawlings described Rawlings in his book as a president who did not know governance and classified him unfavorably.

Zanetor Rawlings explains why Rawlings’s family didn’t live with him at the castle

The book rebuked the late president while he was still alive and stated that he was the kind of person who bullies his friends and cannot keep friends.

Kwamena Ahwoi’s book with the title ‘Working with Rawlings’ that painted him black in reality with criminality broke the heart of the late JJ Rawlings. The book in its pages revealed mostly the events that happened in the time of the Revolution and its reflective effects on the nation.

The condemnation of the old soldier from the book coupled with the death of his late mother nailed him to his coffin.



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