When was the last time you washed your Bath Towel? THREE MONTHS AGO?


We wash our clothes because they get dirty. Some of us probably wash because others will see our unclean clothes and tag us ‘dirty’, but how often do we wash our bath towels?

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A wide range of bacteria with dangerous names such as E.coli and the Salmonella bacteria are among numerous germs that invade our precious towels.

The least said about colored towels the better. Unlike white towels, colored bath towels take longer to show any sign of dirt. It is unfortunate that germs are not only shown by discoloration; they can hardly be seen with the eye.

It is no wonder that health professionals propose a wash of our towels after every THREE USES and this no doubt is a daunting task for probably more than half of the population of the world.

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We use these towels after bathing but dead cells present on our skin do not completely wash away after a bath. They get trapped in these towels, and so do germs present in the air.

The question again is, when was the last time you washed your towel?
This post is probably a timely reminder.

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