Why Efya Odo Likes Cyber Fraudsters


Andrea Owusu popularly known as Efya Odo was a U.S based assistant nurse who relocated to Ghana to pursue her carrier. She was born on the 18th of July 1993 and hails from Juaben in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, she is an Actress, Radio, and TV host.

American Rapper Cardi B makes her cry, she could not control her tears of Joy as American Rapper Cardi B watched her story on Instagram. We all become happy n smile when our favorite celebrities take a picture with us or even like and comment on our post.

One thing I like about her is that she doesn’t care what people say about her, Efya Odo is known to be a naughty and hot celebrity due to the way he dresses and the kind of photos she normally posts on her social media platforms.

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But she is currently enjoying a hype as the American Rapper star watched her status on her Instagram page, meanwhile, Efya Odo was among some slay queens who were snubbed by Cardi B for chilling when she visited Ghana and was trolled for days on social media.

She is a social media influencer due to that she engaged her fans on social media by telling them to ask her any question they want and she will answer them, but she gave a blunt answer to a fan who asked a ridiculous question and this has got many social media users talking.

A fan of her asked her why she likes associating with cyber fraudsters, the answer she gave was”They know how to spend so I like them”.She has a point saying she likes them due to how they spend because most people nowadays love money and they buy expensive things with it too.

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