Why is hard to keep secret ?


To keep a secret , then, is to keep some particular bit of information sifted apart from a particular person as psychologist art Marksman notes at fast company, that’s one major reason for why keeping secret is so difficult… Our minds have a limited capacity to process information.

Is it bad to keep secret?
It hurts to keep secrets secrecy is associated with lower well_ being, worse health, and less satisfying relationship. Research has linked secrecy to increase anxiety, depression, symptoms of poor health.

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What is the best way to keep secrets?
* Don’t tell anyone…take it to the grave with you

*Never document it

* Pretend it never happened

*It helps if you are forgetful

*Keeping secrets makes you mysterious

*Change the topic if necessary

* Sometimes you will have to lie

*Tell it to your pet to relieve stress

When should you not keep secrets?
Any time that someone is or could be in danger of being hurt, or when someone is potentially a danger to hurt someone else

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