Without Money, a Girl can Love a Guy with these 4 Qualities.


Personality The way you treat yourself and go about your normal daily activities can attract a girl to fall in love with a Guy.

Looking good attract eyes of ladies and having a good personality win heart of ladies. Combining these two personality qualities is a charm. Personality speaks volume about a person.

 You behaviour towards your mates: Respect they say is reciprocal. How you respect people around you with respect and caring will gain you a good recommendations.And ladies love a guy who is recommended by the majority of her neighbours.

Women aren’t attracted to nice guys and here’s why.

Hardworking guys often win hearts of ladies because Ladies feel that once they get married to a guy who works hard, at least the guy can buy her beautiful things  she needs in life.

Neatness can make woman fall in a guy’s love. Putting on nice clothes and shoes can only make a guy look attractive to girls. Girls love guys who are neat and knows how to dress. Ladies also admire guys who are outgoing and presentable. Once you put on nice clothes and look good guys can be very attractive to girls.


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