Wow!!! An outstanding tribute poem to J.J Rawlings


Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings will continue to remain in hearts. His charisma and thoughtfulness has earned him a number of good names in the good books of many.

Tributes to the hero keep pouring in after his demise, with fond memories of him lingering across the media.

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Indeed Ghana has lost a great son and a courageous soldier. He is human and imperfect however, his good deeds remain on the lips of all.

Beautiful articles and poems have poured in to honour him. Check out this simple but outstanding poem below that speaks to his very nature and reign.


A hero gone
That was born
A leader lost
That was found
Sweet honey in a calabash
Fresh wine in a gourd
And a raindrop in the ocean
That was not lost
A ray in the sun
Shining across the globe
You stained your white garments
To save your motherland
You tore your green apparel
To defend the course of freedom

You remain a woven nest upon the maple branch
Eagles, doves, and many more
Found refuge in your reign
Fond memories of you still linger on
Happy days of laughter somewhat covered the mourn
The sun will rise and set unend
So shall you remain in hearts forever




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